Nominations Sought for John Bicknell Award for Bird Conservation

The fourth annual Rangeley Birding Festival (RBF), to be held June 10 through 12, will announce and present the John Bicknell Award for Conservation and Birding. The award honors the legacy of Bicknell, a Rangeley resident who led the effort to get sanctuary designation on the Mingo Springs golf course and who has been recognized for environmental stewardship by Audubon International.

RLHT, which facilitates the award, seeks nominations of those who work to further birding and conserve bird habitats in Maine. The Bicknell Award is intended to recognize unheralded people who have labored mainly behind the scenes and may have been overlooked and unacknowledged for their contributions.


For the details of nominating an individual, visit


The RBF promotes the Rangeley Lakes Region as a premier birding destination for rare and sought-after species in New England, like the Black-backed Woodpecker, Spruce Grouse, and Boreal Chickadee, as well as breeding warblers including Cape May, Bay-breasted, and Mourning and the Bicknell’s thrush, one of North America’s rarest and most localized breeders.


The RBF is part of RLHT’s ongoing effort to promote the Rangeley area as a destination for a unique and dynamic outdoor opportunity. 

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