A year-long membership to RLHT and more than 14,000 acres to explore, your recipient won’t be able to stay inside. Share your love of conservation with those you love; your family and friends – while creating a conservation legacy.

We rely on the generosity of members like you to help fulfill our mission and to take care of the trails, fisheries, and landscapes in the Rangeley Lakes Region.

Planned gifts that provide you income allow you to make a legacy gift to RLHT while providing you or another beneficiary with an income stream for life. A charitable gift annuity provides a secure income stream of payments for an individual during their lifetime, with the remainder value of the annuity available to support RLHT. A charitable remainder trust provides a fixed or variable income for one or more lifetimes or a term of years. If you have already established a charitable trust, please consider adding RLHT as a beneficiary.

Making a recommendation to allocate a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) gift to RLHT is simple. Please get in touch with your DAF provider to initiate a gift to RLHT. You may also name RLHT as a remainder beneficiary of your DAF.

Under the right circumstances, you can deed your home, vacation property, or other property to RLHT while retaining the right to use it for the lives of any life tenant named in the deed. You keep the use and control of your property during your lifetime(s), and when all life tenants have passed away, your property will belong to RLHT.

Your art collection, valuables, and other cherished personal possessions may also make a valuable gift to RLHT. Please contact RLHT staff at for more information and to ensure that a gift of personal property may be able to be accepted.

Life insurance is another simple way to designate RLHT as a primary or contingent beneficiary. You may also donate a policy that is paid in full or one with ongoing premium payments. If you continue to make premium payments on a policy after RLHT owns it, those payments may be tax-deductible.

One of the simplest and most tax-wise ways to include RLHT in your estate planning is through your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or another retirement plan. Using retirement assets to make a gift while leaving other assets to your heirs results in a reduced tax burden to your estate or heirs. Completing a beneficiary designation form requires minimal paperwork and often can be accomplished directly on the retirement plan provider’s website.

Memorial, honorary, and tribute gifts are a special way to honor someone you love or care for while supporting RLHT. When you fill out the donation form, let us know for whom you are making a gift in honor or memory of and we will send a letter to the honoree or their family informing them of your gift.

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