Your gift helps:

Conserve Fragile Habitat

We use conservation restrictions and excellent stewardship practices. Both are essential to prevent habitat fragmentation and fortify ecosystems.

Community Access

Our work ensures opportunities for everyone to hike, camp, fish, hunt, watch wildlife, and more. Without our work, these places would be posted or developed.

Foster Collaboration

We work with local municipalities, state and federal government, businesses, and other non-profits to build community and increase our impact. 

Mitigate Climate Change

We are using practical means to mitigate climate impacts in our region by conserving land and water using the best science from such disciplines as forest ecology and conservation biology.  

RLHT is an accredited land trust by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. We operate under the highest land stewardship standards, ensuring that lands under our management maintain their conservation value and are protected forever.

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