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Becoming Dark Sky Community

A DSI Dark Sky Community is a town, city, municipality or other legally organized community that has shown exceptional dedication to preserving the night sky through implementing and enforcing a quality outdoor lighting ordinance, dark sky education, and citizenry support of dark skies. Dark Sky Communities excel in promoting responsible lighting and stewardship of dark sky, and set good examples for surrounding communities.

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We need your help! Here’s an overview of how to get involved. 

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Linda Dexter

Linda Dexter

Dark Sky Community Certification Coordinator

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Complete a Home Inventory

Follow the guide and use the inventory sheet to inventory your home lighting. See if the lighting you currently have at your residence is by IDA!
We’re here to help with questions and resources! 
Home Lighting Assessment Social Share Certificate

Why Your Lighting Matters

This quick video shows you the power of a shield.

Are your outdoor lights on too often, too bright, or do they overlight your property? Learn the Five Principles of Outdoor Lighting​.

Keep Learning... Watch These Documentaries

Illuminate the issues regarding light pollution and learn three simple actions you can take.

Explore the need to preserve night skies and what you can do to combat light pollution.

Defending the Dark

Follow the preservation of dark sky areas in the north Maine woods.

Take the Pledge ✨

Small changes made by many people make a real difference.

Watch a Night Sky Tour

Throughout the year we host Night Sky Tours within the Rangeley Lakes Region in partnereship with Northern Stars Planetarium.


Please join us in the field on a clear night or enjoy the stars from the comfort of your couch with our videos unlocking the night sky. 


Visit our Events page for upcoming programs. 

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Dark Sky Places in Maine

Lend a Hand with Surveys ✨

We’ll need to conduct surveys in our community. Sign up to help out! 

Share your love of the night sky!  #rlht #darkskymaine #IDSW2023 #DarkSkyWeek #DiscoverTheNight

Make a Pledge to be Dark Sky Friendly ✨

Small changes made by many people make a real difference.