ADA Statement

Non-Discrimination Statement

Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust and EcoVenture Summer Youth Camp are committed to providing equal opportunity for every individual to have equal access to its programs, goods, services, accommodations, and activities. As such RLHT prohibits discrimination in any of its programs on the basis of physical or mental disability or any class protected under state or federal law.


Disability Nondiscrimination Policy

Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust (RLHT) will not discriminate against persons with disabilities in all its programs, including but not limited to its EcoVenture Summer Youth Program (“EcoVenture”). If a participant has a disability, impairment, or condition that requires medication or other reasonable modification, please inform the EcoVenture Camp Director or the RLHT Executive Director of the participant’s needs as early as possible in the registration process to ensure that RLHT is best prepared to address the participant’s needs. Once a modification request is submitted, RLHT will consider that request on a case-by-case basis and will attempt to accommodate the participant within a reasonable amount of time. The request will only be denied if it amounts to a fundamental alteration of our program, undue hardship, or poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others. RLHT will make individualized determinations based on the specific facts of each request. If at any time, RLHT feels that a participant has special needs that require more individualized or specialized care than we are able to offer, a meeting will be scheduled with the participant’s parent or guardian to discuss the situation and may consider alternate options to meet the participant’s needs.


Modification Process for Participants with Disabilities

EcoVenture has a designated individual, the Camp Director, who is authorized to receive and review requests for modifications to policies, practices, and procedures. If your child has a disability that you would like to request modifications for, please follow the process below: Call or send a request for modifications to EcoVenture Camp Director, whose contact information is available at on our Contact page or call RLHT at 207-864-7311.Once the Director receives your request, he/she will contact you within a reasonable time of your request to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your child’s disability needing modification(s) and to explore the camp’s capacity to meet the requested modification(s). If necessary, you may be asked for medical or other information to support your request for modification for your child. Each need for modification will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. EcoVenture will provide you with a written response to your request for reasonable modification(s) within a reasonable time following your meeting with the Director.