Community Conservation Corps

CCC Opportunities

Modeled after the Depression-era CCC, RLHT’s Community Conservation Corps provides healthy outdoor opportunities for our community to maintain and improve our region’s recreational infrastructure. 

Trail Monitor

TM commit to walking a trail every two weeks throughout a season. Then use their smartphone to complete a Trail Hazard and Maintenance Report. The app is a NEW resource to keep our trails open and accessible!

Trail Ambassador

Love to take photos and talk to people? We are always in need of photographs of visitors on conservation lands. We also love to hear their connections to the area and record use details.

Trail Steward

TS work with RLHT staff to maintain a different our trails and those of our partner's. They are available to work on special projects, e.g., bog bridging, replacing picnic tables, resurfacing paths, etc.

Courtesy Boat Inpsector

CBIs staff public boat launches, these volunteers commit to a recurring schedule teaching boaters how and why to inspect their boat, trailers, and gear with each launch and removal.

River Ambassador

RAs love taking photos and greeting visitors on our regions' five rivers; Rangeley, Magalloway, Rapid, Kennebago, and the Cupsuptic River! They assist with snapping photos, offering maps, and spreading RLHT's mission.

Byway Ambassador

Like the other Ambassadors, this volunteer position is for those who love to take photos and talk to people. They greet visitors at Height of Land, Whip Willow Overlook and the Nancy A Perlson Turnout, assisting with images, offering maps, and spreading RLHT's mission.

Water Quality Monitor

WQM commits to collecting Secchi data every two weeks from ice-out to ice-in. They also document Total Phosphorus and Dissolved Oxygen data. WQM can submit data from their smartphone!

person on kayak under blue and white sky
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Invasive Plant Patrol

Adopt Your Shoreline! In August and early September, IPP inventory and identify aquatic invaders in a section of shoreline. Training is online, AND data is submitted electronically!

Loon Counter

One Saturday each July, volunteers take to Maine's Lakes and Ponds to document our Common Loon population. We regionally support Maine Audubon's Annual Loon Count.


For Trails & Lands Opportunties

Jason Latham

Jason Latham

Natural Resource Specialist


For Water & Ambassdor Opportunties

Amanda Laliberte

Amanda Laliberte

Programs & Communication Director


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Download the Community Conservation Corps Handbook for more details on opportunities to get involved and give back! 

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