Welcoming Visitors Year-round with RLHT and Saddleback

December 19, 2022

Join WRGY as they talk to Saddleback's Hosts and the Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway Ambassadors, who greet visitors in the region year-round! 

Hear it in their words on WRGY – meet Jim Ferrara and Tim & Sylvia Tetu, who participate in both hospitality programs. 


Go Behind the Scene



Please note RLHT owns and operates only Cupsuptic Lake Park and Campground. In partnership with Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve Trust, RLHT conserved the Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve Wilderness Campground’s Mainland, Students Island, Toothaker Island, and Western Shore with an easement and does not manage the campground.


Curious about the data collected? Read the Ambassador 2022 Season Report

Don’t forget to learn more about Saddleback and the amenities it offers!

Byway Ambassador on the Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway!
Jim & Deb Ferrara at Height of Land
Byway Ambassador on the Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway!
Tim Tetu at Whip Willow Scenic Overlook

“We all really like the Heritage Trust and we think they do a great job and have a great mission...”

Jim Ferrara

Member | Staff | Resident


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A Byway Ambassadors snaps a family photo at Whip Willow Farm Scenic Overlook

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