Bald Mountain

About Bald Mountain

There are a couple of ways to hike up Bald Mountain with two trailheads. At the top are 360-degree views of Mooselookmeguntic and Rangeley Lakes and the surrounding mountains. Recreation Opportunities.

This conservation area is bustling on the weekends. Try to explore outside of those days to have the best experience. 

Hunting is allowed on this property and visitors are encouraged to wear blaze orange during the season. 


Please note, this is no longer an RLHT property. Practice the Seven Leave No Trace Principles. 

Conservation Story

RLHT purchased the 1,293-acres property in 1993. It was later sold to the State of Maine to become part of the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands and will remain in conservation forever. 


Being prepared means knowing where you are going before getting there. Pack a map, talk with hikers and look at trail apps. Choose equipment for comfort, weather, and safety. Plan the trip to match your time, skills, and abilities. 

We strive for one well-designed trail rather than many poorly chosen routes. Stay within the width of the trail and hike single file on durable surfaces, like rock and sand. They can withstand repeated use. Durable surfaces are less likely to erode. Vegetation, including the lichen that grows on rocks, is fragile and easily damaged by treads. 

Carry in, carry out. Please remove your pet’s waste.

Allow those who come after you the same sense of wonder by leaving flowers, rocks, plants, archaeological artifacts, and other objects of interest where they are. 

Permitted campfires are allowed in the established fire ring. State of Maine laws must be followed. 

When wildlife watching, we recommend using the  Rule of Thumb. Don’t touch, get near, feed, or pick up wild animals. Doing so causes them stress, and they may have a harmful disease to humans. 

Always be courteous to other visitors. Everyone deserves to enjoy a positive outdoor experience. Be mindful of your noise level, be a responsible pet owner, and enjoy the natural world. 



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Current Conditions

Rangeley Region
3:37 pm, September 30, 2023
Wind: 9 mph
Pressure: 1022 mb
Visibility: 9.656 km
Sunrise: 6:38 am
Sunset: 6:26 pm

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