Restoring the Kennebago: An Interview with Jason Latham, Natural Resource Specialist at RLHT

December 21, 2022

"RLHT, in partnership with the USFWS, Trout Unlimited, and MDIFW, has begun an ambitious restoration project on the upper Kennebago river and its tributaries. A network of roads crisscrosses the watershed as the river and its tributaries wind toward Cupsuptic Lake. Often, culverts at these crossings are undersized, in poor condition, or perched above the stream surface, creating barriers to the passage of aquatic organisms, including Eastern Brook Trout." From Restoring the Kennebago River

Read the press release referenced here: Restoring the Kennebago River


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Staff Biologist, Jason Latham


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RLHT has identified 10,308 acres of watershed lands as having the highest conservation priority, comprising four separate tracts, which will be protected. 

Ben Pearson Photography
Ben Pearson Photography

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