Rangeley Lakes Region Boat Owners: We Need Your Help! 

June 29, 2023

RLHT needs water quality volunteers for the 2023 season! Water Quality Monitors are volunteers who collect clarity, dissolved oxygen data, and total phosphorus biweekly on regional waterbodies. Each year, RLHT appeals to the community to lend a hand; there are three ways to help.

First, you can become a certified water quality monitor (WQM) and gather data biweekly through spring, summer, and fall.


Second, volunteers to captain their motorized boat to bring a WQM out to a designated station on the larger bodies of water. Current needs are on Upper Richardson, Aziscohos, and Parmacheenee Lakes.


Third, homeowners could allow RLHT’s WQM to use their canoe or kayak biweekly on smaller waterbodies. Current needs are on Dodge, Round, West Richardson, Little Kennebago, Sandy River Ponds, Beaver, and Lincoln Pond and Pond in the River.


We are always looking for new team members and greatly appreciate any help from the community!  If you can help, please contact our 2023 Headwaters Coordinator, Julia Morin below. 


For Water Quality Inquiries

Julia Morin

Julia Morin

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