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Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan

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With stock markets at record highs, donating appreciated stock and mutual funds continues to be a common way to support RLHT throughout the year. Gifts of appreciated stock may allow you to make a larger donation than with cash to fund your commitment to RLHT. While gifts of publicly traded stock are the most common, you can also give restricted or closely held stock, under the right circumstances.
RLHT’s work is critical to our communities, our economy, and our future. To ensure this work continues for generation to come, I have included RLHT in my estate plans and encourage others to do the same.
Ed Kfoury
Founder | Seasonal Resident

Rangeley Region Recreational Map

Look at the new Rangeley Lakes Region Map that outlines recreational opportunities on our conservation lands. 


You’ll find day hikes, ponds and river paddles, self-led discovery trails, scenic drives, and much more!


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